Saturday, January 3, 2009

The Pièce de Résistance

The final blog I'm posting is one that I have emailed to people, read multiple times, and quoted often. Apparently Frugal Dad received a lot of criticism about this, but he probably stirred up some powerful negative emotions from people who identified themselves in the article. I myself have said some of the things in it such as, "I work hard so I deserve it." As a result of this article, I have tried to stop using the word "deserve" in my active vocabulary and replaced it with other buzzwords like "want" or "need" instead. If one continually thinks they "deserve" a reward or treat at the end of the day, end of a project, or end of a work shift, then over time, it is not a reward or treat, it is a normal part of the day. This way of thinking leads to a slippery slope of overspending and that is why it is so dangerous.

And the #1 blog of the year is Language of the Perpetual Poor by Frugal Dad.

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