Saturday, January 3, 2009

Almost there

This next post is one that is often written and talked about, but I think that the advice is worth repeating. It is from Trent at The Simple Dollar once again, my favorite daily read. Credit card debt is a huge problem in the land of instant gratification and buy now, pay later, aka the USA. Fact of the matter is, if one has credit cards that are not paid in full every billing cycle, one is living beyond his or her means. Abusing credit is similar to drug use such as alcohol since some people can use in moderation and others spiral out of control. I have witnessed several of my peers getting in over their heads and having to claim bankruptcy or get tiresome second jobs. It does not help that creditors have tactics to keep one using credit such as limit increases and the ability to write checks. Eliminating credit card debt can relieve stress, create more financial freedom, and improve one's credit score. Good credit is essential for obtaining financing on a vehicle or house with the lowest interest rates. If you have any amount of credit card debt, this article may be of use to you. It is great, simple advice.

Got Credit Card Debt? Ten Tactics to Use Right Now to Get it Under Control

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