Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Leading by example

Today's post on Frugal Dad entitled "Don't Be a Self-Righteous Frugalist" really struck a chord. And I like the word "frugalist." :) I saw a lot of myself in the article. I get very excited about good deals and like to preach about the benefits of shopping online, using reputable companies of course. I feel like I am just trying to help others but perhaps, I am using the wrong approach. People close to me know that I just get excited and ignore the know-it-all attitude, but I am not sure about acquaintances! Ultimately, remember that it is one's choice how to spend money. The best thing to do is lead by example. I do this by clipping coupons, reading internet shopping forums, and putting a great deal of research into major purchases. I will probably always struggle with my critical nature, but the more aware of it, the better I can control it and eventually put it to good use like posting on this blog.

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stacey said...

You worry too much about being a know it all because you don't come off that way at all. We think you are a smart, resourceful woman. But, you have a good point and I think I preach a little too. Money is something people don't generally want to talk about unless they bring it up first. HOWEVER there are a lot of uninformed people out there. It's just like recommending a restaurant or some other service/product. Money is still just a taboo subject. Funny how people will declare religion but not say what their APR is.